Quality-Play Experiences

At Kiddie Den, the emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to stimulate independence, discovery and social interaction

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Excellent Infrastructure

The learning and development of the children is not restricted to the internal setting of the classroom but extends to our large and safe outdoor play area

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Fully Accredited Faculty

Our aim to help each individual child enjoy learning in a safe and caring environment and as they progress through the school we prepare them for a seamless transition

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Why Love Us

Passionate Educators: For your child only the best will do. We have what it takes to deliver the building blocks of a good education every day – positive learning experiences!

Strong Values: We believe in imbibing young learners with strong educational values by encouraging them to persevere, inquire, think critically, reflect and excel.

Building Partnerships: We build strong home-school partnerships to reinforce every child’s self-confidence and foster a sense of belonging to a community.

Quality-Play Experiences: We engage children in quality play experiences that promote development of memory, language and peer group adjustment skills and also improve academic learning.

Caring, Exploring, Fun

In this safe haven, your children can play, socialize, learn, interact and have fun - All at the same time!

We have created the structure of Kiddie Den based on the developmental stages that children go through as they grow up. We strive to create an environment that is instrumental to the mental and physical growth of the child.

Between work, chores and day to day life, you might be busy all day. Kiddie Den can give you peace of mind. Your children can be taken care of in a safe, structured environment while you perform at your best.

Kiddie Den is decked with all sorts of child-friendly facilities to enable that they're constantly learning, playing and feeling at ease all the time.

We asked of our team to be professional, to be effective and most importantly, to care. We are a team creating holistic, integrated and child-centered learning experiences, and doing so with love.

Our Mission

To provide for each and every child, a nurturing, caring, gentle, safe, fun and stimulating environment for learning.

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